CSR Bradford Thermoseal 753HD Sarking Roof Wrap Membrane

Bradford Thermosealâ„¢ 753HD is a heavy duty sarking designed for use under commercial metal roofs where a high quality interior finish is required. It can also be used as a wall wrap behind lightweight cladding in steel framed construction.

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Bradford Thermosealâ„¢ Heavy Duty Foil consists of multiple layers of kraft paper bonded with a fire retardant adhesive between two layers of aluminium foil, reinforced with fibreglass yarn for strength. KEY BENEFITS Durable: Heavy duty construction is strong, yet easy to handle with green antiglare coating on the outward facing surface to reduce foil glare during installation. Aesthetic: Smooth finish is ideal for exposed internal ceiling applications where aesthetics are important. Versatile: Able to be used as a wall wrap or metal roof sarking. BAL Compliant: Suitable for use in BAL (12.5 to 40) areas. Thermal Performance: Provides an air-gap R-Value when positioned adjacent to an air space.
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