Pink Permastop Light Duty Building Blanket

Permastop® Building Blanket is a reflective insulation composite comprising of a glasswool blanket substrate that is faced on one side with a high quality Sisalation® reflective foil laminate. For ease of installation, the reflective foil laminate features a 150mm overlap along one side edge. Australian made Permastop® Building Blanket is suitable for use in residential and commercial metal clad roof applications as well as metal clad walls. It provides excellent thermal and acoustic properties by reducing heat loads entering a building and minimising the internal reverberation and flow of unwanted nuisance noise generated from adjacent buildings/rooms and/or the external environment. Additionally, the Sisalation® reflective foil component of Permastop® Building Blanket aids in minimising the risk of condensation that can form in a metal clad roof.

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Where the foil surface of Permastop® Building Blanket is required to maintain a vapour barrier, all joins should be sealed with a suitable Fletcher Insulation tape. Permastop® Building Blanket is typically installed with the reflective surface facing downwards into the air-space below; except in hot and humid tropical regions where the reflective foil is typically installed on the underside of the metal roof sheet. In such conditions, where the building blanket is used in an exposed application, Fletcher Insulation recommends installing the blanket as per standard procedures and running an additional layer of anti-glare foil laminate atop the blanket towards the metal roof sheet. This allows for an enhanced aesthetic finish. Permastop® Building Blanket is suitable for use in bushfire areas with a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) of 0 – 40 in accordance with AS 3959-2009. Safe to use Permastop® Building Blanket is manufactured from FBS-1 Glasswool Bio-Soluble Insulation®. FBS-1 Glasswool Bio-Soluble Insulation® is safe to use and meets the criteria of the Australian Safety and Compensation Council (formerly NOHSC) to be classified as non-hazardous. Fletcher Insulation™ glasswool can be used with confidence in any residential, commercial or industrial application. Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) Permastop® Building Blanket has been awarded the GECA Ecolabel. For customers and manufacturers, the Ecolabel assures recognition, credibility, trust and reduced environmental impact. The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) has recognised five of GECA’s standards as compliant under its new Product Certification Scheme. This means products certified against those standards are entitled to claim 100% of available points for all Green Star projects. Green Star compliant Fletcher Insulation avoids the use of Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP) substances in the manufacture or composition of its FBS-1 Glasswool Bio-Soluble Insulation® and Sisalation® reflective foil products. The use of Permastop® Building Blanket guarantees the use of Zero ODP insulation while also ensuring that no harmful levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) are released. This allows the incorporation of environmentally preferable insulation whilst also maintaining indoor air quality.
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