CSR Bradford Optimo Underfloor Batts

BradfordTM OptimoTM underfloor is a rigid high density insulation manufactured from Glasswool. It is designed to be installed snugly between joists beneath the flooring to increase the thermal comfort and the energy efficiency of homes with suspended floors.

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APPLICATIONS Bradford Optimo can be fitted to new homes from above the joists using the unique Optimo Saddle system or easily fitted to existing floors from underneath the floor using the Optimo aluminium strap system. The Optimo range offers R2.1 or R2.5 level in thermal performance and can suit joist spacing of either 450mm or 600mm. BENEFITS Bradford Optimo benefits include: • Reduces heat transfer through suspended floors • Helps stop draughts through timber floors • Reduces external noise entering through the sub-floor • Softer fibre from more comfortable handling • Reduces heating and cooling energy costs
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